Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Oblivious to the Obvious

So how many of you saw the stunning video on Google Assistant making a phone call on behalf of the user to make an appointment at a salon? They call it the Google Duplex and it pretty much understands the nuances of speech and answers just like humans. 

I am sure you guys would have watched it. Well, it is a game changer isn’t it? The idea is not far fetched. In no time we are going to have assistant making calls for us. Likewise, I bet you would have noticed the advertisements for Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa too. And I am also seeing a lot of people actually buying and using it. They are so thrilled with the new technology that they cannot resist buying it and flaunting about it in their social media sites.

After seeing Google’s duplex video, I was so amazed by the technology but the same time too nervous about it.In fact it started bothering me so much that I could not get it out of my head that day. To make things worse, I ended up watching a series of episodes from a series called Black Mirror and I ended up feeling very unhappy.

Creating a digital twin of a person, having implants in your brain which can manipulate your vision, an entire ecosystem of robotic bees around the planet and what not. The series provides deep insights of how technology is unfolding in the future. By future I mean, the near future which is not that far away.

So humans as a species, why are we so oblivious to the obvious? Yes, I am a great fan of technology, but not at the stake of risking life itself. Why do we not realize that these new automation are more dangerous than they look?

I can remember my grandmother singing songs to me when I was young and I cherish that moment till now. But now, we need a machine to sing song for our kids? And that too we need it to sing with minimum efforts from us. How could have life evolved so much that we are not capable of doing the bare minimum tasks that we were expected to do.

If AI has advanced so much that we can manipulate life itself, then should we not be taking a step back and give some thought about it. My question is why do we need these? Is life becoming so busy that you do not have time to make phone call yourself.

Are you not scared that the human connect and the emotional contact is going to be lost. I am not suggesting that we travel back to historic age where Homo sapiens where not more than social animals, but I think we should definitely be more mindful toward what the world is becoming.

As we look back, science and technology have caused a lot of massive destruction for earth. Invention of guns, nuclear weapons, plastics, and a lot more. The magnitude of funding and research that is being provided for new technology is enormous. If only a part of it would be towards making the environment a better place, improving nature and livelihood it would bring a lot of change.

I hope our future generation have some good air to breath rather than taking to machine that has no emotions.  

Monday, May 22, 2017

What To Write ?@!#?

Well, hello guys. I am writing this post after probably mulling and pondering over a long time. Yes!!!And instead of writing about some particular topic, I decided; Why not write about “What to write??”

I was very much stuck to the question of; what should I write? I am convinced that it is just not something pertaining to me, but with many others as well. People all over, have this fascination to write something interesting, but simply cannot figure out what that interesting thing is.

Now, let me take you along the roller coaster ride inside my mind. At the beginning, the idea of writing a blog post kicked-in with super excitement, and slowly after contemplating on so many topics, the eccentricity started to fade like a zero watts bulb.


                       Yep!!tats all me feeling like as if I discovered Gravity!!

I happened to watch a video of a girl from North Korea yesterday (Courtesy of my dear friend who uses the chrome cast at home to watch only education stuff!!!Ufff😒). And then all of a sudden, I wanted to write something about North Korea and the difficulties those people undergo. The humanitarian in me rose up to its fullest (Who am I kidding!! I wanted to save North Korea with my blog post!!).After a few hours of procrastinating the process of googling about North Korea (You see, you simply cannot write something. You need to do ground work first). And so, I conveniently expelled that idea out of my mind.

Then, I had the flash. Why North Korea? You live in Bangalore, India; you are a person who loves nature. So write about what steps you can do to make Bangalore a better place. Now the thing is; my beautiful mind could not choose with whether it has to be about air pollution, water contamination, garbage on the streets or cutting down of trees. So, Bingo! I did what I had to do. I dropped the idea 😄


Later the next day, as my friends where getting ready to go to office, a new perception stuck me. Invariably, most of my friends were working for big corporate companies and IT majors. I, on the other hand was working for a start-up. Then, it occurred to me; since, I have had a fair share of working in a big corporate; why not do a comparison and elucidate about how much more fun it is to work for a start-up. On a second thought, I felt it would not be an appropriate topic as enjoying your work space is completely subjective and might lead to unwanted discussions (Actually, I am just lazy to write 😉)

To list a few of my other ideas that popped in my brain: What really happened to the dinosaurs? Why do human beings behave like this? (Now don’t even ask me what “this” refers to), Why do people from North India always assume that every other human being they come across understands Hindi (Yep, I am from Tamil Nadu and I don’t understand Hindi). And then there were these topics like Gender Stereotyping (Trust me! It’s still there in every house in India), cultural stigma and then on and on and on.

So, to conclude, my head heated up and I could not figure out what I need to write L Hence, I came up with this idea of telling people, how difficult it is for me to find a topic (Just kidding! I am trying to show off that I am some sort of genius with too many ideas)

Thank you guys, for taking the time to read the post. And honestly, I am open to suggestions and feedback. It would be great if you can suggest some good topics that might interest you.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wanderlust #01 – Phi Phi Islands and James Bond Islands - Phuket - Thailand

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself” - Danny Kaye    

Hello there! Once again thanks for taking time to read my post. This is the first time I am writing a travelogue, so hope you will enjoy reading it.

So, I finally got out of my lazy life, and decided to go for that long-planned yet never executed vacation. My friends and I decided it was Thailand and Singapore. Let me not bombard you with the entire trip at one shot, so I have split the travelogue into two. Firstly, I will tell you about Phuket-Thailand and then about Singapore.      

We first landed in Phuket, Thailand. We stayed near the Patong Beach at Deevana Resorts and Spa. Patong is a happening place at Phuket and most of the tourists’ holiday at this spot. The roads are filled with food stalls, cafes, bars, pubs, massage parlous, shopping places, etc. The small coastal town is simply high on energy and bustling with nightlife.

After loitering around Patong for the night and managing with some basic food, we crashed for the night. Our next day was a one day tour of Phi Phi islands. It took about 45 minutes by car to reach the ferry point from Patong. From there, we took a ferry to Phi Phi islands. The ferry took about two hours. Adding to my excitement of being in a ferry, the weather was cool. (Yeah!!! like too cool, it was actually raining all through). 

The sea was simply beautiful as we were near the island. The color of the water is magical and the feeling you get when you gush through the water in a ferry looking at the island in a distance is nothing but surreal.

It was one of those moments when you feel that nature is the most magnificent thing on earth and you just enjoy being alive.  After we reached, we just had a couple of hours at our disposal before the ferry headed back to the city.

We played in the water, relaxed and enjoyed the sea’s beauty and not to mention took numerous clicks in our smart phone trying to figure out the best angle.The water was so clear that when you put your foot in the water, you can see your through clearly.

And then came my nightmare! The lunch! Believe it or not; for a person like me, the food platter was looking like National Geography channel just came alive. Yeah!! You only get half cooked sea food served and a few of my non-vegetarian friends also found it difficult to eat. 

The veggie people can try to survive on fruits though. So after munching on some chips and fruits we headed back to the ferry and came back to our resort. After gathering some information from friends who have visited Phuket before, we figured out a restaurant called Madras Café at Patong. They served Indian food, especially South Indian stuff. So, we practically rushed there and had our dinner.

The next day was the one day trip to James Bond Island. To reach James Bond Island, we had to travel almost close to 1.5 hours on the road. We reached the boat point and from there took a long boat to the island. It was much different from the ferry. It is just a normal boat elongated and made longer (Wearing those life jackets made it more cinematic ;)) 

The boat drive was only about half an hour. We sailed through caves and enjoyed the ride. We arrived at the James Bond Island. It was scenic and pleasing. The island was just made up of three huge rocks. We spotted the famous James Bond rock and took good pictures round it. 

To tell you the truth, I felt the James Bond Island was a lilt bit overrated. For the kind of hype that was given, I expected the water and the rocks to be more mesmerizing. If you would ask me to vote, I would definitely vote for Phi Phi islands.

We just had a few hours in the island. There were a few activities that were available, like banana boats, diving etc. We decided to stay on the shore and relax. 

After heading back to our resort that day, we took off to the Patong beach. It was just about a kilometer walk from our resort. The beach was so calm and alluring. The sand was made-up of fine granules and it felt good to be soaked in the water.

We just did not sit around there. For the fun of it, we took a Jet Ski. I must tell you, it was an amazing experience for me. The force with which you pierce the water in you ski is glorious. I felt supreme and powerful during the Jet Ski.

Where is the fun without some drama right? One of my friends fell off the Jet Ski in the middle of the ocean and lost his specks. We practically wandered in search for a specks shop and after a lot of struggle managed to get him a couple of lenses with nearing power.

Later that night, we went to Bangla Street. For the first the time I was in a street that could hold so much lights and colorful illumination and where prostitution was legal!!!

Nevertheless, apart from that fact, the street was just on fire. The dance pubs, strip clubs, and whatnot were on full swing. I even saw girls holding menu cards for all sorts of fantasy shows. (When I say fantasy, I hope you get it ;)).

The next day we finally slept through for most of it due to lack of energy. We then had half a day of touring around, and picking up souvenirs for back home. After the shopping, it was time to kiss goodbye to Phuket. We packed our bags and headed to the airport.

Here is a list of stuff that you need to keep in mind when you plan a trip to Phuket.

Who needs to go? – Anyone who needs a break from life, Anyone who needs to booze all their way, Anyone who loves the sea, Anyone who is up for raw seafood and some adventure.  

Places to go – My advice is that you stay at Patong and visit Phi Phi islands. You will definitely enjoy it.

How to pack? -  Just throw in a couple of shorts and T-shirts and you are done. For girls you can take some casual beach dresses. Fancy jeans and dresses do not much blend there.

Things to do – If you are up for adventure then you must try scuba diving, and Jet Ski. 

You can do a lot of shopping in the local shops. I would also advice you not to do a lot of
pre -vacation shopping. You can buy stuff after going there.

Get yourself a good Thai Massage. They are really professional at it and its very soothing and relaxing.

Heads Up – Yes, if you are a vegetarian, please pack up some good food or else you might end up starving. Even for non-vegetarians, unless you like raw seafood, you will not like the taste of the food there. Stock up with bread packets, some jams, cup noodles and fruits when you venture out. 

Currency Count - One Thailand Baht equals to two Indian Rupees. Therefore, you can plan your trips expenses accordingly.    

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Boys Don’t Cook!!!

I am hoping that you are one of those people who got provoked with my title as to “Why shouldn’t boys cook??” then Bingo!! You are on the right page.

Once again thank you for taking the time to read my post. After meeting many women out there, I decided to write this post. In fact, I am a bit dazzled and infuriated with some of the women that set in motion to write this article. I have written a story that closely describes what is in my mind. 

Here goes the story...

Swetha is all dolled up and happily moving around friends and family on the day of her engagement party. She had met  Suraj probably twice before. He was now holding her hand and walking her around lovingly. Swetha was an MBA holder, and was now working as a Senior Manager in an MNC. Her parents had done the matchmaking for Swetha and concluded that by all means Suraj was the best fit.

Suraj’s mother brings along a small group of relatives and proudly introduces Swetha to them. Slowly after the crowd disperses, Swetha speaks on a very casual tone “So Suraj, Do you cook?” Even before Suraj could open his mouth to answer, his mom interjects. Happy and proud she answers “Oh Swetha, your joking right, The closest he has come to cooking is boiling water at home honey. He only visits the kitchen to talk to me. My son does not do cooking or any other chores. He is our darling boy, we have not given him any of those trouble. I am sure you know to cook good South Indian dishes, because Suraj loves those. And since you guys will be living alone, you will have to take care of all the household also” she finished. 

Hiding all the astonishment towards the atrocities her future mother-in-law had put forth, Swetha managed to put a smile on her face and carry on with the evening.

OK, now let me not beat around the bush and get straight to my point. I want to make sure that I am no feminist. It is just out of sheer concern for my fellow women that I am sharing this opinion. It is not intended to hurt anybody’s morale or ethics. 

·      Mothers

     Please raise your daughters and sons justly. When you teach your daughter to cook, please teach the same to your son. When you teach your daughter how to take care of her own things, teach the same to your son.

·      Boys do not cook! It is absolutely a stigma that is still creeping and lurching our society that needs to be eradicated. There is nothing to be proud of the fact that your son cannot perform any household chores. In fact, you need to feel bad for having raised a child that way.

·       Ladies

     You may be educated, uneducated, working, homemaker – Always feel confident and good about you. Make your partner a real partner! Marriage is about two people coming together and helping each other.

·      Do not let guilt kill you! Do not listen to unwanted idiocy of others and succumb to guilt of having to ask your husband to share your load of work. You are not entitled to do everything yourself. You husband is a part of your life.

·       Learn to imagine beyond the rudimentary. Do not convince yourself that finding the perfect guy and making a family is the ultimate quantum in life. (No offence meant here. The family is nevertheless the best thing you can have). It would be great if you could also think of an identity for yourself apart from that. Something that would make you you!!

     Men Folk - 

·       A woman is your better half! She is there to share your life and life’s experiences and be a part of both good and bad. She was not raised for the sole purpose of taking care of you and your household. She has her dreams too. 

I believe that women need to be courageous and think beyond the conventional. Sharing your household work with your partner is not an evil act. Dreaming of a greater and bigger future is not a sin. Let us create the phrase “Behind every successful woman, there is a man!”

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please do share your views as comments.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite!!!

Hello my dear reader! Once again thank you for taking the time for reading my post. On a lighter yet older note, I just turned 27!!! :) I am somewhat surprised myself by the way I have taken it. It feels like a fresh start and a happy year ahead.

And look what I got for my big day! Yes, it is an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite from a loved one. Since I have always wanted one of those, I was super excited to have it. Now let me tell you, I am not particularly a voracious reader, but I do enjoy reading a bit every day.

So, as you can guess, I have been pretty much busy with my Kindle; I thought I will give you guys a review about it. It might help a few people out there to decide on buying it.


To start off, it is simply amazing. It is sleek, small and compact. When you read pages from it, it feels like you are reading a paperback version of the book. The device is very light to hold and you can simply sit back and dwell into you story at peace. 

Dimensions: 6.7" x 4.6" x 0.36" (Okay, I know what you are thinking. This info is available online right!!)

Well, the best part is the brightness adjuster. Moreover, with the Paperwhite version, you can easily read at night. The best setting for reading at night is at 5-point brightness unless you are someone who needs too much light. 

It also has a new browser option. You can use it for browsing purpose. However, to be honest, we are people who are used to the all-colorful mobile and laptop screen. Therefore, to login to your Facebook account through this does not sound much fun. Although you could always use it for a basic level browsing. 

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite cost 11,000 which some people might feel is on the higher side. You get flat 10 % cash back when you purchase through credit cards of specific banks. 

Finally, if you are someone who enjoys a good read, then definitely go for it. You will feel it is totally worth the money.

Happy Reading! :)

Purchase Link : Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Monday, July 18, 2016

Signs that you are in a good relationship!!

Hello there, thank you for taking the time to read this post. I would like to tell you that this post is completely based on my opinion and experience in life. I am no love-doctor or love-guru. However, with whatever knowledge I have, I think these broadly determine the quality and longevity of a good relationship. 

So, the following are signs that you are in a good relationship… 
  • You are honest with each other. Yes, it might sound a little cliche, but trust me, when you are honest with one another and can look right into their eyes and say the truth, the chances that you might stick along for a long time is high.

  • You can talk anything under the sky with your partner and still feel comfortable with them. Yes, if you people have been talking a lot with each other; sharing all your life’s experiences and expressing your silly dreams; then probably you are on the right track.
  • You can feel a sense of calm around him / her. When your everyday routine can get you on your heels and keep you tensed most of the time, and if your partner has this magical effect of calming your mind then, I guess it is a green signal for you.
  • You should be happy with your partner’s profession. It would be of great advantage if you like your partner’s job. For example if you are, am environmentalist and your guy works for a role that is completely against your principles, then you might get into arguments that are more frequent.  On the other hand, if your guy is working on a job that you can relate to and like it then it is going to help.
  • You take time to appreciate the other person and their activities. There is always more happiness around appreciation. People feel energized when they are appreciated.  If you are a person who takes the time to appreciate even the smallest things your partner does, then it is a happy factor to consider.
  • You guys have had crazy fights. I know it might seem a little weird, but I feel that a person who has put up with you in your worst deserves to be in your best of times. Therefore, if you and your partner have had the worst fights and still decided to bounce back, then I think it is a good foundation for a lifelong relationship.
  • This is the most important and indispensable factor for a good relationship. It is LOVE. Yeahhh!! You cannot pretty much hold on to a relationship without love. It is the foundation for the bond between the couple. 
So, that sums up my thoughts. There might be many other things involved when it comes to relationships. It is mostly about putting your partner’s happiness first and then yours. Feel free to share your views and suggestions about this post. Thank you.

"All, everything that I understand, I only understand because I love.”— Leo Tolstoy

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Stop Right Now!!!

Hi there, thank you once again for taking your time to read this blog. Very recently while passing through a very familiar street in Bangalore, I realized that something was different in the street. The street looked wider and spacious. After mulling over for about a minute, it stuck me that the roads have become broader because the tress were cut down.

It was very disheartening to see the road barren of the trees. The beautiful canopy of trees on both sides that provided so much shade and coolness was lost. The street felt devoid of life. Why would the government approve for such a depressing act. Are not people ever going to realize that we have already swiped off a fair share of nature, and the more we are destructing, the more we are nearing danger.

I read in today’s news that the cab drivers in Delhi have initiated a protest. The protest was against the High court’s order of changing their diesel cabs to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The order was made two months ago and yet the cabs and taxi owners have not made the change. The order was passed because Delhi has become extremely unbearable in terms of pollution that in turn causes the excessive heat. I find it wicket to protest for a change that will help the betterment of people’s life. Should not the Delhi citizen take up more responsibility and make the city a better place?

The temperature all over the globe is on the raise constantly. It is high time, we, the people come together and stop the massive catastrophe we are heading for. Cutting down trees for industrial purpose, to build houses, and to widen the roads is only going to server the purpose for the current time. On the longer run, we are making the earth a place not suitable for living for our kids and their generation. We are at no will to consume all the natural resources around us. Cutting down trees has to end. The society has to show more inclination toward preserving our planet.

What are we going to do when all the trees will be cut and the land is desolate? What will we do once all our oil reserves replenish? What will we do when there are no rains? Hope these questions keep lingering in the minds of people. Hope for a greener and better world in the future.